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Villas for sale in Istanbul

Jul 1, 2021
Phoenix Team

Despite the spread of residential compounds in most districts of Istanbul and considering it as the main place of residence, some prefer to buy villa either for housing or investment due to its higher privacy and comfort.

Villas for sale in Istanbul

Despite the spread of residential compounds in most districts of Istanbul and considering it as the main place of residence, some prefer to buy villa either for housing or investment due to its higher privacy and comfort.

Many villas are on sale in Istanbul, what are the features of these villas, what are their prices, and how to buy a villa in Istanbul, let's get to know this together in this article.

Although it is not the political capital of the Republic, it is for many the economical and historical capital of the Turkish state. Istanbul is an important economic hub with major government and investment projects.

Most of the new real estate construction takes place within this city, particularly near pivotal government projects that are expected to change the face of the city in the coming years.

Istanbul is characterized by great cultural diversity and historical depth rooted in the city center on one hand and a modernist face that imposes itself on the parties on the other.

In addition to its cultural diversity, the city has a remarkable topography and stunning landscapes, making it a popular concern.

Features of villas in Istanbul:

Villas for sale in Istanbul are an important real estate gain due to several things

- Most of these villas are built near landscapes such as the sea, lakes, and forests, and this gives them a charming view and a privileged location.

- Villas in Istanbul are characterized by wide areas, which may be the main reason why investors buy villas instead of apartments and are considered the perfect solution in the case of large families.

- If we compare the advantages of buying a villa in Istanbul with the purchase of a villa in other parts of the world with similar specifications, we will find that the prices of villas for sale in Istanbul are very suitable.

- The purchase of a villa in Istanbul ensures higher privacy and independence for residents in addition to a surrounding space that is usually exploited to provide services such as parking, private park, independent swimming pool, and others.

- Buying a villa in Istanbul is a direct investment way where the buyer owns not only the building but also the land of it which adds great value to the property over time. The possibility of renting villas, especially during tourist seasons, is a popular investment method.

- Buy villas as a place for holidays, relaxation, and tourism in Istanbul. As many tourists, especially Arabs, used to spend their annual holidays in Istanbul, buying a villa will provide them with comfortable and distinctive accommodation during their holiday.

- Due to the price of villas in Istanbul, which is often higher than the price of apartments, most villas offer Turkish citizenship as soon as they are owned.

Prices for villas for sale in Istanbul:

The price of villas for sale in Istanbul is determined by several factors:

- The location

- The view

- The area and number of rooms

-Services and associated facilities

Owning a villa in Istanbul used to be the dream of many, so it is necessary to pay attention to deal with a reliable entity to make this dream true. There are those who exploit the buyer's desire to manipulate prices or defraud the details and location of the villa.

Therefore, we recommend the leading and distinguished company in this field, Phoenix City Home company, which is considered one of the most reliable and accurate companies. Phoenix City Home not only provides logistics and advisory services during purchases but also pursues legal proceedings to the end.

By communicating with our company you can know what it takes to buy a villa in Istanbul step by step, in addition, to provide outstanding after-sales services that help the investor to achieve his goal of buying whether housing, stability, or investment through resale or renting. So, do not hesitate to contact our company as soon as possible.


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Villas for sale in Istanbul

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