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Turkish nationality by possession

Jul 1, 2021
Phoenix Team

Ownership is one of the most common ways to obtain Turkish citizenship, and the demand for it has increased due to its many advantages, and in the following article, we will discover the details of the process of obtaining Turkish citizenship through ownership.

Turkish nationality by possession

Ownership is one of the most common ways to obtain Turkish citizenship, and the demand for it has increased due to its many advantages, and in the following article, we will discover the details of the process of obtaining Turkish citizenship through ownership.

How can I obtain Turkish citizenship through possession?

According to Turkish law and recent amendments to the citizenship law, most nationalities are entitled to apply for Turkish citizenship if they own a property worth a quarter of a million US dollar or its local currency equivalent at the time of purchase, provided that the property is retained for at least three years. This is an innovative way to support the Turkish economy, especially the real estate market while granting Turkish citizenship to many willing investors.

What types of the property give you Turkish citizenship?

There is not a single type of property that enables you to obtain Turkish citizenship, there is no legal text specifying the kind of property that must be owned to obtain Turkish citizenship, and real estate in Turkey is differs and varied, while some investors want to buy agricultural or residential land for $250,000, many are moving to own apartments, whether residential or office. In addition to industrial facilities, commercial units, and other forms of fixed assets that can be owned, thereby encouraging the Turkish economy. The investor is not required to own only one property in Turkey, but they can own several properties of different types provided that their total value reaches the legal limit that allows for the application of citizenship.

What are the benefits of acquiring Turkish citizenship through ownership?

Although there are other ways to obtain Turkish citizenship, most investors are moving towards acquiring Turkish nationality by owning because of its many benefits, in addition to the personal use of real estate whether through family housing or by the opening of a private company, real estate is a promising way to invest in Turkey its value is in a continuous increase over time besides it can be exploited and leased to so that it becomes a means of continuous and safe income. The property can be resold after the legal period with a good and satisfactory profit margin so that the investor has acquired Turkish citizenship by having effective investment instruments.

What are the conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship through ownership?

The property does not require any special conditions other than being legal, a formal evaluation paper for the property is required in force so that the assessment shows the actual value of the property in the purchase period compared to market prices and adjacent properties. The investor needs to be of nationality that is allowed to own and acquire Turkish citizenship because there are legal exceptions for some nationalities.

What are the papers needed to obtain Turkish citizenship by acquiring?

To apply for Turkish citizenship through ownership, the following papers are required to submit the following papers:

- Title deed of the property, which is the official document that proves the ownership of the property and obtained by the buyer after the completion of the sale.

-A translated and certified copy of the passport of anyone entitled to citizenship such as wife and children under the age of 18.

- Fill out the application form for Turkish citizenship, and if there is a person assigned to make the application, a copy of this agency must be delivered.

- personal photos, birth certificates of children, marriage contract, family statement document.

- Payment and receipt receipts are sealed and signed by the sending and receiving bank.

The Phoenix City Home company offers a special range of services to investors in this field, offering distinctive offers for real estate ownership projects in the most beautiful regions of Turkey, as well as completing all procedures related to obtaining Turkish citizenship efficiently and quickly.


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Turkish nationality by possession

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