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Turkish citizenship by property

Jul 1, 2021
Phoenix Team

In recent years, the demand for obtaining Turkish citizenship has increased by people of different nationalities, especially from the Arab world, which makes this topic constantly renewed and focused on attention on the part of both foreigners and the Turkish government.

Turkish citizenship by property

In recent years, the demand for obtaining Turkish citizenship has increased by people of different nationalities, especially from the Arab world, which makes this topic constantly renewed and focused on attention on the part of both foreigners and the Turkish government.

There are multiple ways for foreigners to benefit from Turkish citizenship, including investment, ownership, birth, marriage ... and Turkish citizenship by property is the easiest and fastest among all methods, which gives the owner many advantages.

Over the past years, granting Turkish citizenship by property has been a great incentive to attract investors to invest in Turkish real estate. Especially after the issuance of the amendments to the legal regulations related to the application of the Turkish Citizenship Law, which decided to grant the right to obtain Turkish citizenship to the foreign investor through a real estate investment of $ 250,000, this amount was doubled before 2018.

In this way, the investor can earn money by investing and obtaining Turkish citizenship at the same time.

In addition, the property that was purchased can be resold after 3 years, with obtaining a strong Turkish passport and entering 116 countries without a visa or with a visa on arrival, in addition to the possibility of obtaining dual citizenship for two countries.

The steps to obtaining Turkish citizenship by propertyare as follows:

Those wishing to obtain citizenship must purchase real estate worth 250,000 USD. Can purchase one or more properties; What is important is that the total value of the property is 250,000 USD or more.

The property value will also be documented through the report of an independent, state-approved appraiser. In this report, the total value of the property / real estate should be $ 250,000 or more.

Funds must be transferred directly from the buyer's bank account to the real estate company's account. These payments must be verified with signed bank receipts.

The applicant will have to register with the Land Registry Directorate that he will not sell the purchased property for 3 years.

The price must not be less than $ 250,000 (one or more properties).

It must be suitable for obtaining the title deed and for registering in the notary republics.

It is also important for the investor to have a Turkish tax number in all stages of buying a property.

To obtain the number, the investor only needs an original passport with its translation.

The bank account is an important component to complete the purchase process, the money transfer will be sent directly from the buyer's account to the seller's account. The buyer's bank account must be a Turkish bank.

To complete this step, the buyer must have his original passport and tax number. Some Turkish banks may require an invoice to verify your address in Turkey.

Obtaining a property valuation report is the next step.

Experts certified by the Banking Supervision Board will present the true value of the property to be purchased and a report will be prepared.

The property must be worth $ 250,000 or more to obtain citizenship.

Then comes the stage of transferring money to the property, the money will be transferred directly from the buyer's account to the seller's account

The title deed of the property will be granted by the General Directorate of Land Registry, and it will be recorded that this title deed will not be sold for 3 years, and then signed samples of receipts will be taken from the bank.

After completing the money transfer process, the real estate company will transfer the title deed to the new owner, who is the buyer.

Or an undertaking to purchase will be signed by a notary.

After signing the receipts and obtaining the evaluation report, a document will be issued proving that the property is suitable for nationality.

In order to complete the documents, a residence permit will be required for the buyer and his family, with private health insurance covering the authorization period during the process of obtaining a residence permit.

After completing all the above steps, an application for citizenship will be submitted to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization.

Turkish citizenship is obtained after the approval of the president, then the candidate gets a Turkish identity card, passport, and all rights to be a Turkish citizen.

In short, you can obtain Turkish citizenship by property of more than 250 thousand dollars. Then contact the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre. After submission, the valuation report and bank transfer are verified. An appeal for a residence permit is submitted by obtaining citizenship approval from this institution. Upon the arrival of the permit and residence permit, these two documents are delivered to the Population Directorate. And finally, obtaining Turkish citizenship through ownership.


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Turkish citizenship by property

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