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Real estate development in Turkey

Jul 1, 2021
Phoenix Team

Whether you are an owner, investor, or broker in the real estate field, in this article you will find what helps you in your field, especially in the field of real estate development in Turkey.

Real estate development in Turkey

Whether you are an owner, investor, or broker in the real estate field, in this article you will find what helps you in your field, especially in the field of real estate development in Turkey.

We will first begin with an understanding of the real estate developer’s work;

The real estate developer is a person or company that develops a specific area or site or rebuilds and modernizes an existing entity, the real estate developer has multiple options and accurate knowledge of the real estate market and the future of the project and the goal of developing it after the period of its completion, and he is the coordinator between the various activities of the development process, which transforms the idea Creative from paper to reality on the ground.

The role of the real estate developer lies in being a development manager who provides the best idea for the project, through audited and detailed studies, sources of financing, choosing the best consultant and the most appropriate contractor, and developing the project. Marketing plan and sales strategy. We find that the real estate developer spends his time searching for suitable places for development and dealing with financial institutions, contracting offices, and contractors.

Real estate development is a rather complex discipline that needs experts in the field, because it requires a study that must be applied properly, away from the risks of market fluctuations after the end of the project, and any idea from all its aspects must be studied in detail. Through careful planning and comprehensive studies. The real estate consultant is your best partner for real estate development in Turkey

For a successful real estate development, the real estate consultant suggests three basic steps:

The first and basic step is excavation: it is undoubtedly a time-consuming step as finding the plot can be complicated even for a real estate professional. In fact, the available plots of land are not as numerous as it appears. So, when adding geographic and budgetary constraints, it is sometimes a matter of looking for a needle in a haystack but engaging with a real estate consultant makes this step much easier.

Therefore, for prospecting to be successful, the real estate developer must be able to count on a large commercial network and be in contact with many partners who are likely to help him find what he wants, whether they are individuals or agents.

Real estate project offering is the second step of real estate development when preparing any real estate program, it is essential to consider all future client needs. In fact, for the project to attract future clients, it must meet their expectations in terms of price and services provided. We find among these services, for example, after-sales services.

In addition to all this, the prior technical, legal and financial study must confirm that it is indeed possible to implement the required project at the chosen site. If everything seems to support the choice of the plot of land to be built, it is time to take steps to obtain it, or in other words to pass to the next step, which lies in the implementation of the real estate project.

Implementation of the real estate project is the last step since the project must comply with all applicable regulations, you must ensure that it aligns with the urban plans with the architect before validating them.

Once the authentication with the architect has been confirmed, it will be time to take steps to obtain the various administrative licenses. Soon, the project will be able to start, so it will be time to form the teams that will implement the project on-site.

With this, we have covered all the steps of real estate development in Turkey.


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Real estate development in Turkey

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