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Obtaining the Turkish citizenship

Jul 1, 2021
Phoenix Team

In recent years, obtaining Turkish citizenship has become a popular topic in the Arab world, as thousands of foreigners, most of them from Arab countries, were able to obtain Turkish citizenship through several methods that will be mentioned in this article.

Obtain the Turkish citizenship

In recent years, obtaining Turkish citizenship has become a popular topic in the Arab world, as thousands of foreigners, most of them from Arab countries, were able to obtain Turkish citizenship through several methods that will be mentioned in this article.

Conditions for a candidate to obtain Turkish citizenship are relatively simple compared to other countries:

The first of them must have reached the age of majority. You must have lived in Turkey for at least five years, with a total break of fewer than six months. If the candidate is married to a Turkish citizen or a foreigner born on Turkish soil, this period is reduced to 3 years.

His physical and mental health must be stable and he must not have a criminal record, also, he must be proficient in the Turkish language. Also, he must prove that he can support himself during his stay in Turkey if you are not married to a Turkish citizen or by proving that he has a job, if you cannot, through provident funds. Current payments or pension payments, you may be able to prove this.

If the candidate meets the above conditions, he can go to the next step, which is to apply for Turkish citizenship. By submitting several documents to the government office, including:

A valid passport

Four passport size photos

Documents proving the marital relationship.

A certificate of good mental and physical health.

Assessment of skill in the Turkish language. And through an interview with a Turkish government official in the city or town council.

There are many types of applications for obtaining Turkish citizenship:

Turkish citizenship by the decision of the National Authority

Turkey can grant a foreigner wishing to obtain Turkish citizenship by the decision of the ministry if he fulfills the conditions stipulated in the law.

Acquiring Turkish citizenship in general.

If foreigners want to obtain Turkish citizenship, they cannot become citizens without a decision from the ministry and they fulfill the following conditions;

The applicant should have the power of adults and discrimination under the law of the country of nationality, and if he is stateless, he should have the power of adults and discrimination in the Turkish Civil Code No. 4721,

Applicants must be people who have resided in Turkey continuously for five years before the application date. A foreigner who wants to obtain Turkish citizenship can stay outside Turkey within 12 months, without exceeding the total residence time. When applying, the government assesses the period they spend outside their periods of residence in Turkey.

The foreigner must confirm the reason for his decision to settle in Turkey.

He must not be afflicted with any health-related illness.

Candidate must have good morals

He must be able to speak the Turkish language to adapt to social life.

A person must have a stable income or a profession that ensures a livelihood for his family.

Candidates must not disturb public order or pose a threat to national security.

Exceptionally obtaining Turkish citizenship.

After making sure that the beneficiary does not pose any danger to national security and public order, exceptional Turkish citizenship is granted through an application to the Ministry of Interior, a decision from the Council of Ministers, and the approval of the last two.

For foreigners who have established industrial enterprises in Turkey or are supposed to provide exceptional service in the scientific, technological, economic, social, sports, cultural and artistic fields after submitting a logical proposal to the relevant ministries.

Turkish citizenship by investment.

The Turkish government launched a new system in 2018 for people who want to obtain Turkish citizenship. Through this system, Turkish citizenship is granted in the amount of at least 250 thousand US dollars to buy real estate in Turkey or no less than 500 thousand US dollars for investment for a period of three years. This system could also benefit those who invest at least $ 500,000 in fixed capital or employ 50 Turkish workers.

Turkish citizenship by marriage.

Marriage to a Turkish citizen is among the means to obtain Turkish citizenship, but this cannot be done directly. He must have been married to a Turkish citizen for three years and he must continue to marry during the evaluation process.

Turkish citizenship by adoption:

From the date of the adoption decision, a minor who is adopted by a Turkish citizen can obtain Turkish citizenship, provided there is no danger to public order and national security.


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Obtaining the Turkish citizenship

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