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Who Are We

Phoenix Real Estate Company, is a Turkish company specialized in properties and real estate consultancy, it was established in 2012, and it is one of our companies belongs to Phoenix Group, for real estate investments, tourism and public services, based in Istanbul, in addition to our agents in various Arab and European countries, aiming to attract Arab and foreign investors who wish to Owning a property in Turkey.

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Phoenix has many years of experience in the real estate Market in Turkey in general, and in Istanbul in particular, as the company provides its services directly with the largest construction companies in Turkey, to give you the best advice about the suitable property for each customer, with the best prices.

The company guarantees to its clients the completion of all sale, purchase and documentation procedures with governmental institutions, so that purchasing process in the real estate market is legally valid, Our company also provides investment apartments and lands for businessmen and investors, which are allocated for all commercial activities, whether agricultural or construction.

The company also offers its customers the opportunity to own a dream house in the most beautiful areas in Istanbul with the best competitive prices, whether it is luxury apartments, hotel apartments or villas, in the most luxurious residential complexes, and all entertainment services are available for the convenience of customers.

Glass Buildings

Phoenix has a specialized consulting team of engineers and professionals, who have experience in the real estate market in Turkey and its changes, the team who works within a harmonious system with the aim of satisfying the customer, and meeting all of his needs, full of passion for development, which helped us to get the confidence of our customers and build Long lasting relationships with them.

The company works with reliable construction companies and companies supported by the Turkish government, to ensure the safety and smooth transactions with the customer.

The company has business agreements with most real estate projects in Turkey, which guarantees you the ownership of the property without commission, either from the buyer or the investor.

Company services:



Interior Design


Phoenix Services:

Airport pickup and assistance in choosing the place of residence

Provide real estate consultancy appropriate and matching the request

Tours to visit the project in Istanbul with a detailed discussion of each project

Other services:

 Open bank account

Verify contracts and procedures.

Receive the title deed.

Legal residence.

Follow up on nationality matters.

Real estate management (rent and resale service - furnishing design)

Follow up on taxes and bills.

Responding to customer inquiries.


Our Vision

Our vision comes from seeing Turkey as a country with a fast developing and investment country and the growth of real estate Market in the last decade.

Our company has a clear vision of what it must provide of distinguished service to its customers in the real estate sector, since the customer's arrival to Turkish lands, and receiving him at the airport, until his departure from the country, making sure that comfort and suitable atmosphere for our clients, to provide them safety and positive as results in all sales and purchases and secure investment opportunities for them in Turkey.

Glass Buildings

Why Turkey:

In 2012, the Turkish law was issued allowing foreigners to own real estate and land, as well as facilitating ownership procedures, which could reach one day in some areas, and the buyer would obtain a two-year real estate residence permit, in addition to a nationality if the conditions are met.

The Turkish real estate market is a destination for international investors. To achieve meaningful investments in many sectors, and to find trading partners in a country located at the crossroads of three continents

Real estate investment in Turkey in general and in Istanbul in particular is one of the best types of investments in the world, as Turkey became, decades ago, one of the most promising real estate markets in Europe, for many reasons, most notably:

Turkey location:

Turkey has a very important strategic location at the crossroads between Europe, the Middle East and Central Asia, in addition to providing unlimited opportunities for real estate developers and investors by combining the real estate sector with commercial and industrial production and other sectors, refusing to stop or slow down growth in those areas, which made it an investment Real estate in Turkey is a target for all investors around the world.

Architectural development in Turkey:

The architectural style that construction depends here in Turkey is one of the most important reasons that push you to invest in Turkey, as the buildings are designed within amazing standards that shorten the long time in construction, to give impressive results reflected in residential towers saturated with art and durability.

Projects are also built in Turkey according to international standards that are earthquake-resistant, sound-insulating glass, and other technologies and technologies, such as apartments equipped with a smart home system, which is the latest technology in our time.


One of the most important things that makes you to invest in Turkey is the government keen on creating an encouraging environment for investors for owners of companies and projects, regardless of their business amount whatever big or small, it all takes from 5 to 7 days to establish a company in Turkey, according to the World Bank's business statistics in 2017.

Turkey is also known that the least country sets restrictions and difficult conditions for local investors in general and foreign investors in particular.

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Turkey location:

We talked at the beginning about Turkey's location and its importance in brief, but if you want to answer the question: Why is Turkey's geographical location so distinct?

  • We can say that there are many reasons that make Turkey in general and Istanbul in particular one of the cities with a truly strategic location.

Turkey is a vocal point for meeting with the continents of the world, the center of Turkey, and its geographic importance for the countries of the world did not come in vain, as Turkey is located on the Anatolian Peninsula, surrounded by three vital seas:

  • Mediterranean Sea

  • Black Sea

  • Aegean Sea

Turkey represents the meeting point of the African continent, the continent of Asia, in addition to the continent of Europe, which makes it an economic pathway to all the world. Turkey’s location also played an important role in shaping Turkish popular culture, which is characterized by a great deal of openness, diversity and acceptance of others.


Istanbul international Airport:

It is considered the largest airport in Europe and the world, as it began operating in April 2019, and has a capacity of 200 million passengers annually, in addition to it being shares for public subscription to encourage investment in Turkey and Istanbul.


Istanbul Canal:

Or the "new Bosphorus", which the Turkish government issued the permission to start digging in December 2019, in the European section of Istanbul, the length of the canal is 45 kilometers; To link the Sea of Marmara with the Black Sea.

The value of the project is 10 billion $, the project approved and the current Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan approved the project in 2017, and its goal is to work to reduce congestion in the Bosphorus Strait and to avoid the risks of large ships and make Bosphorus a tourist destination only, and it is planned to complete the project in 2023, Which marks the centenary of the establishment of the Turkish government.


Infrastructure in Turkey:

Turkey has a strong, developed and interconnected infrastructure in each of:

  • Internal and external extensions

  • Sewerage suspension

  • energy resources

  • Bridges

  • Paved roads

  • Electrical suspension

  • Transportation


All basic services necessary to improve living conditions So it is a 100% suitable center for real estate investment.

The Turkish economy is characterized by rapid growth, in just 14 years it has managed to recover, so that the Turkish economy jumped from 231 billion dollars in 2002 to 857 billion dollars in 2016, according to the statistics of the Turkish Economic Institute, "TurkStat", taking into account that these results are witnessing Continuous increase.

So There is no wonder that we find the Turkish economy today occupies the 16th place in the world, although 15 years ago it was not among the first 100 economies in the world, and today the country seeks to have its economy among the ten major economies in the world, coinciding with the advent of 2023.

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Phoenix Real Estate Company

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